Get FIT now, so that you don´t get FAT at Christmas

Get FIT now, so that you don´t get FAT at Christmas

Like Magpies, most of us are attracted to all things that glitter, and unfortunately the same applies to brightly coloured cocktails and canapes. In fact, around this time it’s easy for our default setting to become mindless gluttony and for our healthier mindset to fly out of the window, quicker than you can say “mince pie”. 

Nobody wants to greet Christmas with a waistline larger than Santa’s, so here are some quick and easy ways to stop you piling on the pounds and leave you smug by the time New Year comes.

Here are 10 quick tips to keep you trim and healthier in the run up to Christmas:

  1. Say no to the office feeder. Every workplace has one – that member of staff who arrives each week laden with biscuits, chocolates and other festive treats. Back off Barbara, you´re a threat to our waistlines. Say no to the mindless grazing on sweet treats and instead keep plenty of nuts and dried fruit on hand so that if you are hungry, you won´t be tempted.
  2. Swap your lunch. If you´re partial to a sandwich at lunchtime, make a small switch that you´ll barely notice but can have a real impact in your calorie intake. Usually have a turkey sandwich? Swap it for a high protein turkey and egg salad.
  3. Move more. Sounds simple and it is! It´s easy for us to forget to exercise by taking the car everywhere and staying indoors in the central heating. Aim for a short walk a day, even if it´s around the shops getting last minute gifts or taking the dog for a quick run, by moving more you´ll increase your heart rate and getting burning any excess food you´ve eaten throughout the day. Plus, if you have annoying relatives to stay it gives you some much needed peace.
  4. Part time vegan. Jump on the health trend of 2017 without the commitment. By munching more plant based food, you´ll be doing your body and waistline a huge favour. We tend to gorge on meat at Christmas but you don´t have to ditch the turkey, just ensure you are filling your plates with fresh vegetables at every meal. Look for tofu, hemp seeds, quinoa and spirulina for a real boost.
  5. Put down the Starbucks. It´s December. It´s cold, you´re rushed off your feet and we bet you´re exhausted. While the bright lights of a thousand frappacinos may be calling, coffee houses are Satan´s grottos. Packed with sugar, most of the festive drinks are high calorie and leave your energy levels crashing afterwards and diving into the biscuit tin. Do yourself a favour – stay hydrated with plenty of water and save the money you´d normally spend on a mochaccino.
  6. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Leading nicely from point 5 – if you find yourself craving a daily caffeine fix, find your bed sooner. Going to bed an hour earlier each night will give you more energy, will decrease your stress levels and squash your sweet toothed cravings. Good night.
  7. Trick yourself with smaller plates. Might sound farfetched, but this is genuine psychology people. Loading a smaller plate will trick your mind into thinking you have a huge meal in front of you when really you´re eating less. Science.
  8. Pop a pill. If you can´t cope with being surrounded by mince pies, chocolate and candy canes, you need B vitamins. Sugar is a carb and Biotin, also known as vitamin B-7 can increase the satisfaction you feel when you eat carbs and lessen the craving for more. Start now and by the new year, you´ll be a reformed sugar addict.
  9. Hydrate like you´re in an Evian ad. Many of us are guilty of neglecting our water intake, especially over the festive season. And no, mulled wine does not count towards your 8 glasses a day. For every alcoholic drink have one of water and make sure that you down at least 1.5 litres each day, more if you´re nursing a hangover. Make like an Evian baby and get glugging.
  10. Clever diets. Sometimes the gluttony of a day spent on the sofa with a box of Quality Street can leave us feeling horrendous. So, there´s no better time to consider a clever diet such as intermittent fasting. 5 days of eating well but not dieting and 2 days of calorie controlling (no more than 500 in 24 hours) and this change in routine will jump start your body and get you burning calories again.   

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