How to find more energy, fast

How to find more energy, fast

Regency for Expats has rounded up several problems we all face during the day with our dwindling energy levels, and solutions to give you a little pick-me-up and see you through the day, whatever you have ahead.

Problem: Frequent snooze button hitter

Solution: Open the curtains. Do you hit the snooze button every morning? Once, twice, even three times? Maybe the answer is as simple as opening the curtains. According to some healthcare professionals, sleeping in a bedroom with lots of natural light can help those suffering with Seasonal Affective Disorder as the light resets their internal clock. Plus, the sun rising every morning is better than any alarm clock.

Problem: The office is zapping your energy 

Solution: Switch up your fragrance. If you´re feeling drained in your workspace give yourself a little lift by changing your perfume. While fragrance is often down to personal taste, citrus smells i.e. orange and lemon zest, will work to lift your senses throughout the day.

Problem: Energy slump after lunch

Solution: Snack attack. Low blood sugar levels after lunch can leave you crazing a nap or a chocolate biscuit (or five). But certain foods can keep you pumped for hours, plus they´re better for your waistline. Try a banana smothered with nut butter, or Greek yoghurt topped with berries. A good balance of protein and fibre to keep your blood sugar stabilised will see you through the afternoon.

Problem: Need some “zing” in time for a big meeting

Solution: Gulp some lemon. If you have a meeting ahead and need a quick boost, drink a glass of water mixed with freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice. This will counter-act any dehydration but also the acidity from the citrus works like a slap, and will wake you up in time to nail that presentation.

Problem: Low energy all day long

Solution: Hydrate and pace your munchies. If you´re feeling low, have a glass of water as more than likely, you´re dehydrated. Ensure you eat every three to five hours too which will keep your blood sugar levels level and it will stop you gorging at lunch. Three PM is an optimal snack time – try a peanut butter and jam sandwich, which has the perfect balance of protein and sugar.

Problem: The winter slump.

Solution: Stock up on vitamins. If you find the colder, darker months particularly draining you could be low on Vitamin D. In fact, 50 percent of the population worldwide is vitamin D deficient. Also known as the “sunshine vitamin”, vitamin D is essential for our bodies and is only absorbed if you sit in the sun, eat particular foods or take a supplement. It has been proven to help fight fatigue and boost mood.

Problem: You have a night out planned, but zero energy for it

Solution: Get your blood moving. Take a walk in the fresh air which will energise you and help to put a spring in your step and ready for your night.  

If you´re suffering from low energy, it might also be time to visit your local healthcare practitioner for a review. Regency for Expats is one of the only healthcare insurance providers that gives you immediate access to a range of healthcare professionals, as soon as you take out one of our policies.

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