Can You Eat to Beat Cancer?

Can You Eat to Beat Cancer?

Back in 2012, the American Cancer Society reported that there is overwhelming evidence that eating nutritious food, avoiding substances known to cause cancer and exercising, can increase survival rates amongst cancer sufferers.

Here is our quickfire list of foods to pack into your diet:

Fill yourself with fruit

As a rule of thumb, you should try to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. In fact, recent studies have suggested that seven portions is best.

Skimp on animal products

Animal fats and dairy products contain a lot of saturated fat and processed meats are stuffed with nitrates and preservatives, which some studies have indicated contribute to stomach cancer.

Cut down on boozing

Unfortunately, alcohol also falls into the danger category, as excessive boozing can leave you at a higher risk of developing breast, mouth or esophagus cancer.

Fish – the oilier the better

According to Australian research, if you eat fish at least 4 times a week, you are less likely to contract blood cancers, according to some sources. Packed with Omega 3, oily fish are also attributed to reducing the risk of endometrial cancer.


Tasty, juicy and colourful, all berries are packed with cancer beating phytonutrients, but if you have to choose the star of the show it should be raspberries.  Raspberries, particularly the black type, are bursting with anthocyanins which have been proven to slow the growth of cancer cells (premalignant).


A hint of garlic adds the finishing touch to many a dish but you may not realise it is also helping to protect you from carcinogens. A US study showed that females with high amounts of garlic in their diets are fifty percent less likely to develop colon cancer.

Ginger a go-go

Ginger not only tastes fantastic, it has been attributed with many healing properties. A compound called beta-ionone has found to be key in killing ovarian cancer cells (as reported by the University of Michigan), soothing inflamed colons and prohibiting the growth of tumours.

Leafy Green Vegetables– Broccoli

All leafy green vegetables such as spinach, kale and rocket are rich in antioxidants. Broccoli is considered to be the king of cancer preventing superfoods, but only when steamed, raw or boiled. If you microwave these tasty green ‘trees’ 97% of the precious cancer protecting flavonoids will be destroyed.

Nuts – Brazils

Brazil nuts are packed with Selenium, a trace mineral which play a vital role in helping to repair the DNA in cells. A 5-year study by Harvard revealed that men who had the highest blood levels of Selenium were 48% less likely to develop advanced prostate cancer, than those with the lowest levels.

Whether you believe diet plays a role in beating cancer or that drugs are the only realistic way to combat the decease, there are many other benefits to be enjoyed by living and eating healthily.

Tuck in and feel the benefits! 

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