5 health trends to look out for in 2018

5 health trends to look out for in 2018

Boost your gut with fermented foods

Hear us out on this one; while the phrase “fermented” may sound a little stomach churning, this a trend set to boom. By fermented, we mean probiotic and there are many foods packed with the good bacteria vital for a healthy gut. The jury is still out on exactly what health benefits fermented foods will bring an eater, but according to preliminary studies, they help us to lose weight, boost energy levels and improve the overall function of your digestive system. Try a Miso soup, made with fermented soybeans or sauerkraut, made from cabbage and salt, spread on a hot dog. Wash that down with a Kombucha tea, flavoured with herbs or fruit, and you´ll be well on your way to a healthy gut.

A direct hit of vitamins

A big hit on the celebrity circuit, if you´re a showbiz addict no doubt you´ll have seen the rich and famous getting their IV detox or dose of vitamins. Yes, taking the humble multi vitamin is now passé, roll up your sleeves instead and have a liquid vitamin solution pumped directly into your veins. IV Therapy bars have now cropped up all over the world and more and more people are turned onto this quick fix, helping them to solve anything from a hangover to acne. With an IV, a health care practitioner can create a cocktail solution, tailored to you.

Sky rocket your immunity with mushrooms

These little power houses could be THE trend of 2018. They´ve hit the news recently as the benefits are becoming more and more clear. The major benefit of chaga mushrooms are the immune boosting properties. They´re proven to be good at battling irritation that could be occurring in your digestive system, soothing the gut and maintaining a healthy balance. Packed with antioxidants, people have been known to take them for heart health, diabetes, liver disease and parasites.

Flower power

Time to ditch the vase and your bouquets, the new trend is floral flavours. Whole Foods have predicted that we´ll see infused beverages skyrocket in the next few months. Think lavender lattes, elderflower cocktails and hibiscus tea. You could be sipping sparkly drinks tasting of flowers too, as we see bubbly beverages on the hot list.

The whole veg and nothing but the veg

There´s a movement happening in restaurant kitchens that is predicted to go main stream. As more and more restaurants find ways of dealing with wastage, a root to leaf approach is emerging, that sees meals using every single part of the ingredients used. New and more creative types of dishes are emerging, including parts of the plant what wouldn´t normally end up on our plates. Think carrot top pesto or broccoli stem coleslaw. As our awareness for wastage increases, this could be a real runner for top trend.

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