10 ways to relax without alcohol in January

10 ways to relax without alcohol in January

Taking a break from alcohol has numerous health benefits, including decreasing the risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease and dementia. Sobriety can also boost your metabolism, increase the functionality of your liver and help you have more restful sleep.

But with the temporary sobriety, comes some challenges. Not only does it become more of a challenge to socialise but it can also can leave some people struggling to relax and unwind without their favourite glass of wine, tucked up on the sofa after a long day at work.

So, to help you on your way to relaxation to ensure you remain sober this whole month, Regency for Expats recommends 10 ways to relax, without your favourite tipple.

Relaaax 1
Take a bath. Soothe your soul with bubbles.

Relaaax 2 
Curl up with your favourite book. Lose yourself in the plot and forget all about your day.

Relaaax 3
Take a stroll. Surrounding yourself with greenery and nature will help you unwind.

Relaaax 4 
Meditation. There are hundreds of apps available to help guide you to nirvana in just a few minutes.

Relaaax 5
Phone a friend. Make the excuse to call your favourite person and counsel each other to calm.

Relaaax 6
Get the pencils out. Get creative and unleash your inner artist. Drawing has proven relaxation benefits.

Relaaax 7 
Sip on Matcha tea. Swap wine for Matcha; it has high levels of amino acid L-theanine which has been shown to reduce stress. 

Relaaax 8 
Pamper yourself. No doubt you´ll be saving some money this month so take the opportunity to treat yourself and book a massage.

Relaaax 9 
Start a new exercise. Wondered about Bikrum yoga or considering a spinning class? Most gyms and fitness centres have amazing deals in January, take advantage and try something new.

Relaaax 10 
Get your house in order. Keep moving and distract yourself by purging your home of unwanted clutter. Get organising and even make some money selling your old unloved things.

If January has you focusing on your health, Regency for Expats offers a wide range of health insurance benefits.

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